Does Elon Musk Want Tesla Stock to CRASH?


Last night’s dumpster fire of a conference call…

Suggests that CEO Elon Musk actually wants Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) stock to crash.

Pretend you’re the CEO of the 9th most valuable company in America. And you wanted your stock price to drop.

Here’s what you might do on a call with analysts…

  1. Discontinue offering financial guidance
  2. Fail to offer a growth outlook for your core business.
  3. Don’t mention plans for pricing – after dramatically slashing prices last year.
  4. Discuss future plans with a high degree of uncertainty
  5. Request stock options that could be worth $60 billion – in order have proper “incentivizes”
  6. Threaten to leave the company if you don’t get more ownership

It sounds crazy…

Yet that’s exactly what Elon Musk did during last night’s quarterly conference call.

Investors wanted clarity on last night’s conference call.

They wanted to know if Tesla would stop cutting prices.

They wanted to know what they could expect in terms of EV production and financial results.

Most of all, they wanted to hear compelling outlook for 2024.

And they weren’t happy with what they heard…

Shares of TSLA are trading down 9% this morning as a result.

Now, it’s not all bad news…

There are definitely some positive developments happening at Tesla.

Elon shared positive updates on its Artificial Intelligence initiatives and self-driving cars (click here for details).

Plus, we got more details on the next generation Tesla…

Codenamed “Redwood” that will be out in 2025.

This will be a transition year for Tesla.

EV production growth will probably be around 10% – far below this year’s 35% growth.

I’m expecting that TSLA stock will be volatile in the coming months.

The growth story for this stock will resume in the 2nd half of this year.

The Fed will be cutting interest rates – which makes Tesla EVs more affordable.

Plus, we’ll have more visibility on the next generation $25k EV from Tesla. And how this could re-accelerate growth next year.

Long-term Tesla bulls – myself included – can use this opportunity to build a position in TSLA below $200.

Investing can be a rollercoaster…

Stocks like Tesla will have setbacks and slowdowns along the way.

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