Elon Musk’s BEEF With OpenAI


Elon Musk recently launched his new AI company…

… sparking a new beef with OpenAI: The company behind ChatGPT.

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Back in November…

OpenAI opened ChatGPT to the public and it became the fastest-growing app ever.

But it seems that Elon Musk was FURIOUS about that.


Well, Elon Musk co-founded OpenAI before leaving the company almost a decade ago.

And one month after seeing ChatGPT’s meteoric rise…

He BLOCKED OpenAI’s access to Twitter’s data.

Since then, he’s also been very critical about AI.

He signed an open letter that called for a six-month pause on AI development…

He criticized ChatGPT saying that there’s a “danger of training AI to be woke”…

And he now seems to want to compete against his old organization head-on.

Musk recently launched a new AI company called X.AI Corp.

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