Elon Reveals AI Gigafactory Location (Not Texas)

Elon Musk is building a new AI Gigafactory in Memphis.

The multi-billion-dollar datacenter could power xAI and the new Robo.AI Project.

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Elon is going “all-in” on Artificial Intelligence.

His new AI startup has been leasing 16,000 Nvidia H100 chips from Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL).

Elon now plans to use 100,000 H100 chips to build the world’s largest supercomputer.

Each H100 costs around $25,000.

This suggests that the computing power alone will cost around $2.5 billion. The total cost of the AI Gigafactory will be much higher.

Elon plans to use the Memphis AI Gigafactory for his new xAI startup that recently raised $6 billion from investors.

The Tesla founder could also utilize this datacenter for his other ambitious AI projects.

For example, Elon’s Robo.AI Project could be bigger than OpenAI and ChatGPT. And on August 8 he’s unveiling everything.

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