EV IPO Jumps 30% on NYSE

A new Chinese EV stock jumped 30% after its IPO.

Zeekr (NYSE: ZK) opened for trading this afternoon.

Zeekr is working on a Robotaxi with Google. And they’re racing to catchup with Tesla’s new Robotaxi initiative.

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The Zeekr IPO was priced at $21. And the stock began trading at $26.

The company raised $441 million in capital through the Initial Public Offering.

Investors were excited for the IPO. And the deal was oversubscribed.

The IPO values Zeekr at around $6.4 billion.

Most Americans have never heard of Zeekr.

The company is a rapidly growing Chinese EV company.

They sold 49,000 EVs during the first 4-months of 2024. That marked a 111% increase in the last year.

Total deliveries this year should reach 230,000 – double the number sold last year.

It’s unlikely that Zeekr EVs will be sold in the U.S.

There’s currently a 25% tariff on Chinese EVs. And President Biden plans to increase that to 100% next week.

That move would make it cost-prohibitive for Chinese EVs to be sold in the U.S. market.

Zeekr may be getting a boost on its IPO day. However, Chinese EV stocks have been a horrible investment in recent years.

Zeekr is scrambling to catchup with Tesla on its self-driving and Robotaxi initiative. And that’s why it’s working with this secret technology partner.

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