Facebook’s New Big Bet

It’s official.

Meta (NASDAQ: META) is making a sharp shift from metaverse to AI…

Becoming the latest company who wants to cash in on the new AI profit wave.

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Because we are on the EARLY stages of an AI tsunami.

You probably remember when Zuckerberg decided to go “all in” on the metaverse.

It was October 2021…

And he announced that Facebook would change its name to Meta, pulling out all the stops on building the “metaverse.”

Fast forward to 2023…

And the tech titan has announced that its main investment focus will now be AI. In Zuckerberg’s own words:

“Our single investment is in advancing AI and integrating it into all of our products.”

And who can blame him?

After all, the tech landscape has changed dramatically since the AI boom began in November last year when ChatGPT was released.

This has created a new AI arms race among tech companies…

Which has basically forced Meta’s sharp shift to integrate AI into their strategy.

And they’re far from the only company doing so.

Apart from tech giants, other unexpected names like Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO), Keurig Dr. Pepper’s Snapple (NASDAQ: KDP) or Chipotle (NYSE: CMG) have a new AI strategy too.

ChatGPT has sparked a massive AI profit wave…

… sending some stocks 55% and even 97% in just a few months.

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Because AI is the biggest transformational tech trend of the last 20 years.

As Bill Gates just said, it will “change our world.”

Banking giant UBS says the AI market could be worth a trillion dollars.

And some of the biggest names in tech are making massive investments in AI.

Google is doing EVERYTHING they can to catch up in the AI race…

Elon Musk just started a new AI company to challenge ChatGPT…

Amazon announced that it’s joining the AI race with two new AI language models available through its cloud platform, Amazon Web Services.

And now Facebook is making AI its main investment focus.

This NEW wave of investments in AI is creating a huge opportunity for investors who jump into the right trades RIGHT NOW.

Thankfully, this is only the 1st inning of this brand-new tech boom.

So it’s as early stage as it gets.

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