Favorites: Bill Ackman Top 7 Stocks Revealed

Happy Saturday from NYC!

It’s the kids winter break. So, we’re spending a few days in the Big Apple.

Here are a few of my favorites this week.

Elon Musk Reveals Secret AI Master Plan 3.0 (free report)

Tesla’s is a “forgotten AI stock.”

Yet Elon Musk is quietly investing billions in his new DoJo Artificial Intelligence Initiative.

This new AI breakthrough could spark +1,766% for investors who place the right trades, RIGHT NOW.

Yet nobody is talking about this…

Go here for urgent details and my top stocks to Buy Now.

Bill Ackman: Investing, Battling Harvard, DEI and Free Speech

Value investor Bill Ackman sits down for an interview the Lex Fridman podcast. Listen to discover how this legendary investor finds winners. Plus, he explains why investors should own less than 10 stocks.

His portfolio includes just 7 stocks. $CMG $QSR $HLT $HHH $GOOG $CP $LOW

Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones (Watch on Netflix)

Netflix has a newish show called Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones. The show takes you to places around the globe where people regularly live to 100 years old.

Listen to great stories and experience the beautiful scenery of Japan, Sardinia, Greek islands, Costa Rica and Singapore.

Free Report: Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Stocks for 2024

I’m really hoping you’re making $$$ from Nvidia this week.

However, if you missed out on this huge move…

You’ll definitely want to grab this report. It reveals details – including NAMES and TICKERS – of my top 5 AI stocks to buy now.

Nvidia’s CEO says $1 trillion will be spent upgrading datacenters for AI. And there will be dozens of stocks taking off.

Get this report with my top 5 stocks (click here).

I’m off for a morning walk in Central Park. Enjoy your day!


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