Goldman Sachs: Big Nvidia Price Target Revealed

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Wall Street is still bullish on Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA).

Shares are up 90% since January 1.

Analysts are still raising price targets before earnings. Yet they’re missing out on 5 hidden AI stocks that are ready to take off.

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Current estimates suggest massive growth at Nvidia…

  • Revenues of $24.4 billion – a 240% increase
  • Net income of $12.9 billion – a 490% increase
  • EPS of $4.93 – a 765% increase

This performance is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Nvidia is the 3rd largest company by market value. It’s growing rapidly like a young startup. And its chart is absolutely beautiful.

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Let’s take a look at the latest upgrades for the stock…

Goldman Sachs: $1,100 Price Target

Goldman analysts think Nvidia shares could rise 20%. A recent report highlights the cheap valuation relative to the growth rate.

Jefferies: $1,200 Price Target

Jefferies calls Nvidia it’s favorite AI stock to buy now. “Nvidia maintains control over the entire ecosystem and is taking more pieces of the pie.”

HSBC: $1,350 Price Target

HSBC thinks that current estimates for Nvidia are far too low. Analysts say that next year’s revenues could be 38% above consensus estimates.

Nvidia will report earnings on May 22.

Here’s why Nvidia’s upcoming results are so important…

The stock is a bellwether for the Artificial Intelligence revolution. Nvidia shares must “meet and beat” for the stock to continue rising.

Right now, there is unstoppable demand for Nvidia chips.

Hyperscalers are making huge investments to build new data centers and upgrade existing locations.

Just this year Amazon will invest $38 billion… Google will invest $49 billion… and Microsoft will invest $52 billion in capital spending.

Nvidia is the single biggest beneficiary. And that’s why I’m bullish on the stock over the next year.

I bought Nvidia in December at $492 per share. The stock is now trading at $913 for an 86% profit.

Now, you could buy Nvidia shares before earnings…

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