How to Predict the Next Move for TSLA

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You probably saw it. Tesla shares got hit pretty hard yesterday. Lester Holt mentioned it on the nightly news.

The stock lost $28 — around 10% — after it reported earnings. It wasn’t a terrible report, Tesla actually took in more revenue on its electric cars than analysts expected. The problem, if you want to call it that, was gross profit margins.

Last quarter, Tesla reported gross margins of 24%. This quarter, Tesla’s gross margins fell to 18%. Meaning that Tesla only made 18 cents on every dollar it took in. That’s still way better than incumbent automakers like Ford and GM, who carry gross profit margins of 10% and 13%, respectively.

Point being: even if its profits were a bit lower in the last quarter, it’s still doing way better than Ford or GM.

Still, a small group of traders made an easy 12% profit on the sell-off for Tesla shares yesterday. But it’s how those traders made that 12% that you might find interesting…

They didn’t have any particular insight into what Tesla’s gross margins would be. And they weren’t just flipping a coin and guessing whether investors would be pleased with the earnings report… or not.

No, these traders were following a much more powerful trading indicator — an indicator that can guide you to profits on 8 out of every 10 trades.

It’s EASY to beat the market when you’re earning a profit on +80% of your trades.

You should also know that this small band of profit-minded traders have averaged 15% every time they put money to work. And when I say average, that includes the winning trades along with the rare times when don’t make money.

I’m going to tell you exactly how they achieved this his stunning success in just a minute…

But first, you should know the stats I’ve shared with you aren’t cherry-picked from just a few weeks or even a few months. This impressive track record of consistent 15% wins on 8 out of 10 trades goes back since these traders got started, nearly a year ago…

The Power of Seasonality

Now, if you can make 15% on your money each and every time you put money to work in the stock market, it adds up fast.

Imagine you invested just $1,000 into each of these trades. If you make $150 bucks each time, you’ve got $1,150 in profits and you’ve doubled your $1,000 stake.

But now let’s imagine that we’re not talking about 10 trades. Because we’re actually talking about 52 trades (that’s how many times this band of traders has taken action). Starting with that same $1,000 and making that same $150 profit on 52 trades and your profit is $7,800…

Now you’re getting somewhere…and in just less than a year too. I bet you can think of a lot of things you could do with an extra $7,800 in cash every year – even if you’re starting with a small account.

But before we get all starry-eyed about all this extra cash, let me tell you the powerful secret, and why it’s such a consistent way to do stock market business.

It’s called “seasonality.” And it means pretty much what you think. Individual stocks and the stock market in general tend to move in the same direction at the same time of year — year after year after year.

Like, you’ve probably heard the phrase “sell in May and go away.” You’ve probably seen the “Santa Claus Rally” take stocks higher around Christmas time every year. Maybe you’ve heard of the “January Effect” or “Tax-Loss Selling.”

These are all pretty commonly known examples of the stock market’s tendency to do the same thing – at the same time – each and every year.

Of course, they don’t always work. But if dig through the data you’ll find they’re pretty darn consistent.

But I wanna tell you that it’s possible to dig deeper and find seasonal trends that are occurring constantly and are just as reliable as the Santa Claus rally, usually more so.

There are around 5,000 stocks. And I’ve developed a way to use a powerful software program to quickly illustrate which direction any of them moved during a specific time frame, going back 15 years, 25 years, sometimes even 50 years…

You find a stock that has rallied at the same time of year in 20 of the last 25 years, well, the odds are in your favor.

This is how my small band of traders made 12% on Tesla yesterday.

Now obviously Tesla hasn’t been around for 50 years. But using my trading system – I’m able to isolate the way Tesla has traded over the last 10 years during pre-election cycles between July 18 and August 11. And guess what I found…

Tesla sold-off during that time period each and every time.

We didn’t have to dig into Tesla’s financials or make a coinflip guess about earnings. We simply used the seasonal patterns and the result speaks for itself.

Regular folks just like you are using this to pull in huge profits…

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Put Data on Your Side

The thing is: seasonal patterns like this show up all the time. Just about every day. I call them “Profit Windows” because that’s how they feel – like a seasonal window opens up and the profits roll in.

We don’t take all of these “Profit Window” trades, there are too many and there’s no need to get greedy!

But my group of traders have jumped on 52 of the most reliable seasonal Profit Window trades I uncovered – over a span of about 10 months. That’s about 5 trades a month. And with a 15% average gain, you could be making $750 or more a month with $1,000 per trade.

I know, there’s a lot going on here. And I could keep telling you about these powerfully consistent trades. But I’d rather show you…

That’s why I’m hosting a free trading session next week to detail exactly how I find these seasonal Profit Windows and how you can take advantage of them. It’ll only take about an hour of your time, and I promise, it’ll be worth it.

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