Inside Tesla’s ‘Humanoid Robots’ Plan

According to a new job listing for the Tesla Bit program…

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) is planning to have “thousands of Humanoid Robots within its factories” – which falls in line with Musk’s NEW plan for global domination.

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Last year…

Elon Musk brought a dancer in a robot costume to the stage in order to announce the Tesla Bot program at Tesla AI Day.

Many people didn’t take it seriously.

But Musk has been very vocal about the humanoid robot program becoming a reality AND a priority at Tesla.

For example, early in 2022, he said:

“Tesla is prioritizing product development of the Optimus humanoid robot in 2022 over new product launches, which were all delayed until 2023.”

And now Tesla put out a new job listing where it says that it plans to have “thousands of Humanoid Robots within its factories.”

And with Tesla’s new AI Day just THREE DAYS away from happening…

The company is set to unveil the first working prototype of its humanoid robot.

Will they be successful?

Frankly, I don’t know.

But it wouldn’t surprise me if they were.

As you may know…

I’ve been urging folks to pay a lot of attention to Musk’s new plan (which is days away from being revealed).

And the reason is simple.

His two previous plans—Master Plans 1 and 2—proved to be DEADLY ACCURATE in predicting the future in the EV space…

… while also giving early investors a fantastic chance to make between 1,766% and 24,017% gains.

That’s enough to turn $5k into $88,300 and even $1,200,850.

I’m not sure if we’ll be able to make the same gains…

But Musk has pulled off his two previous Master Plans with incredible accuracy – so it wouldn’t surprise me if he was able to do so again.

Moreover, unlike his two previous Master Plans where the profit play was just to invest in Tesla and that’s it…

… a small group of undiscovered stocks are giving investors the chance to see 1,000%+ gains, or possibly even more.


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