Jay Leno Loves This New Tesla (video)

Jay Leno loves Tesla.

This week’s episode of Jay Leno’s Garage featured the upgraded Tesla Model 3.

Jay Leno explains…

“I don’t think there is any car in the $40,000 and under range that has this kind of power.”

Tesla’s new Artificial Intelligence Initiative is providing a huge upgrade to these EVs.

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Tesla has been slashing prices it’s EVs during the last year.

The new Model 3 now starts at $39,000. And the typical car sells for $42,000.

Back in 2018 the average Model 3 cost $66,000.

That means Tesla has cut prices by 35% – while improving the car.

Today the Model 3 is the 2nd best-selling EV in America. And Tesla’s Model Y is the only EV with higher sales.

Tesla is rapidly expanding its Supercharger network. And integrating its DoJo Artificial Intelligence into every EV.

This is transformative for Tesla. And it’s currently completely misunderstood.

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P.S. Everyone is dunking on Tesla today.

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