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JPMorgan (NYSE: JPM) is recommending two “strong buy” stocks….

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Strategists at JPMorgan led by Marko Kolanovic shared some reason to be bearish on the red-hot stock market.

But JPMorgan’s Global Investment Strategist Elyse Ausenbaugh thinks investors have a reason to be upbeat. In her own words:

“There are actually a lot of things for investors to feel pretty good about right now – starting with the economy.”

Adding that “in spite of higher interest rates, the economy has stayed a lot more resilient than a lot of folks were fearing as we entered this year.”

She points out that the stock market “is not the economy”…

And that investors should be optimistic about the latter part of 2023.

So what are the stocks JPMorgan thinks will do well in the year ahead?

They are Travere Therapeutics (NASDAQ: TVTX) and Nerdy, Inc. (NYSE: NRDY).

Based on JPMorgan analysts’ price targets…

They could make you 64% and 90% over the next year.

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