Lawrence Summers NEW Fed Prediction

Former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers says…

Interest rates are headed “to a point 50 basis points or more ahead of where they are.”

And this is GREAT news for income investors because higher rates are creating a FANTASTIC opportunity to earn huge income.

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Last Tuesday…

Summers attended a dinner at the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

And in his speech, he said the US seemed STUCK with an inflation rate that’s more than DOUBLE the Fed’s 2% target.

Considering that the previous rate hikes and the stress in the banking sector are exerting less restraint on the economy than expected, he said:

“My guess is that Fed funds are going to have to get to a point 50 basis points or more ahead of where they are. Whether that’s via 25 basis point increments of a half point rise is of secondary importance.”

The Fed’s upcoming meeting is on June 13-14.

With only two weeks ahead…

Fed officials have given mixed signals on what they’re going to do next.

The Fed has jacked up interest rates 5 percentage points in the past 14 months.

And while I don’t know if they’re going to raise them again in 2 weeks…

But what I do know is that – no matter what they do – we’re already in the best environment for income-generating investments in over 40 years.

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Higher rates mean higher income from every investment.

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