My Trip to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago

Last week I traveled to President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

You probably heard that Trump recently took his company Trump Media (NYSE: DJT) public via a SPAC merger.

Trump Media is now a newly publicly traded stock seeking to tell its story to investors.

That’s why CEO Devin Nunes invited a group of investment analysts and podcasters to an exclusive meeting in West Palm Beach.

I knew little about Trump Media.

Yet, I’m a big advocate for free speech. I’m concerned about the unlawful censorship and de-platforming, and shadow banning of Americans.

I was curious to learn more about Trump Media and Truth Social after receiving the invite.

So, what exactly IS Trump Media?

The company is a new media startup focused on creating a platform for free speech and conservative ideas.

Trump launched Truth Social in 2022 as a new social media app. It aims to compete with X (formerly known as Twitter) and Facebook.

Truth Streaming is the company’s next initiative. Trump envisions a platform that is a combination of Netflix + Pluto + Sling. And it’s expected to deliver video to the patriot community.

Trump Media shares are currently trading around $45. That gives the company a market value of around $8 billion.

President Trump owns approximately 65% of the company – worth around $5 billion. This means that his stake in Trump Media is one of his most significant assets, according to Forbes Magazine.

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