The company behind ChatGPT just announced…

They will launch an app store for GPTs next week.

GPTs are custom apps built by users that can be trained on ANYTHING – sort of like how this new AI tool was trained to help anyone place better trades.

OpenAI just announced the introduction of an Apple-like store next week.

But it will be for GPTs…

… which is why the name will be the GPT Store.

It will be a marketplace for users of OpenAI’s GPT Builder to sell and share the GPTs they’ve built.

But what’s a GPT actually?

It’s like a smart assistant that learns how to help you for a very specific task.

For example, say that you want a GPT trained as a chef that knows everything you need to know about French cuisine.

It knows all the secret recipes…

The specific ingredients…

You name it.

This specialized GPT could guide you through crafting a great Bouillabaisse, selecting the freshest herbs, and even suggest wine pairings that accentuate subtle flavors.

It would be like having an exceptional culinary advisor right by your side.

This is very similar to how this AI Trading Agent was trained.

Instead of doing all the hard work and trying to guess which trades to place…

You can now win 80% of your trades thanks to this AI trading assistant.

In fact, that’s the win rate it has had from all its trade recommendations.

But how is that win rate possible?

Well, every day it examines 8,638 stocks and ETFs…

Crunching over 21,770,280 data points…

And it then filters out more than 99.9% of potential trades to give you the best 5 or 10 trades that you can make at any given time.

That’s exactly how it delivered these recent winners:

  • 32.9% on Intel in 14 days
  • 41.7% on Invesco in 3 days
  • 42.3% on Fiserve in 27 days
  • 46.7% on Autodesk in 17 days
  • 57.4% on Adobe in 24 days
  • 60.6% on Home Depot in 12 days
  • 66.0% on SAIA in 14 days
  • 72.1% on Teleflex in 6 days
  • 81.0% on L3Harris in 4 days
  • 125.0% on RLI in 24 days

But how exactly does this work?

And most importantly, how could it help you make $6,250 in just days?

Go here asap for urgent details.

Yours in Wealth,

Ian Wyatt

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