No Driver. Would You Ride in This Taxi?

Would you take a ride in a taxi…

WITHOUT a driver?

Google’s Waymo was just approved to offer driverless ridesharing in Los Angeles.

The company already operates in Phoenix and San Francisco. And they also plan to expand to Austin.

Waymo operates Jaguar I-Pace cars that have been transformed into self-driving cars.

Meanwhile, Tesla’s AI breakthrough could create millions of self-driving cars in 2024.

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Here’s what it looks like…

Waymo competes with ridesharing companies including Uber and Lyft.

This positive news shows that self-driving cars continue go mainstream…

Even in a highly regulated state like California.

This shows that California regulators view Waymo as being as safe as Uber or Lyft drivers.

GM’s Cruise was shut down last year after hitting a pedestrian.

So, here’s my question…

Would you take a ride in a self-driving car in San Fran or Los Angeles?

Please reply to let me know. I’ll share the best responses in my next email.

Here’s the thing…

Most folks hate technology. And their scared of advancement.

So, it’s surprise that San Franciscans are burning Waymo cars.

And that a California Senator put forth a bill to make it more difficult to operate self-driving cars.

Yet the fact remains…

There are lots of terrible drivers on the roads.

They drive while texting. They drive drunk. Or while eating a sandwich.

Technology advancements have made driving much safer in recent decades. And self-driving cars will be the next major advancement.

It may seem scary to be in a driverless car.

Yet 99.9% of accidents today are caused by DRIVERS. Not malfunctioning technology.

Here’s my advice…

Embrace technology. Get excited about innovation.

The future is bright. And you don’t want to be left behind.

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