NVDA and MSFT Get Shocking New Price Targets

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) and NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) hitting new all-time highs.

On Wednesday MSFT and NVDA added $127 billion to their combined market capitalization.

Wall Street analysts continue to hype NVDA and MSFT. However, they’re overlooking these undiscovered pure-play AI stocks.

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You can see that the Wall Street hype cycle is alive and well. These analysts are thrilled to continue pumping big tech stocks – even after huge gains.

Microsoft Stock Scores +$400 Price Target

Microsoft shares are getting a lift after introducing an AI product for Microsoft Office.

The product is called M365 Copilot.

The solution is an AI chatbot that can summarize emails, re-write content and reformat presentations.

Microsoft will charge $30 per month per user.

That translates into an 83% increase in the price of Microsoft Office for enterprise customers.

Analysts at UBS say the pricing was at the high end of their expectations. They estimate that the AI chatbot could increase Microsoft Office revenues by $2 – $4 billion per year.

UBS has a price target of $400 for MSFT shares. Bank of America also raised its target on MSFT to $405.

Microsoft stock is up more than 50% this year – and it’s been my #1 large cap AI stock.

NVIDIA Stock Up 200% – Stock Could Hit $600

NVIDIA is also getting upgrades this week.

Analysts at Citi upped their share price target to $520 – an increase of $100 per share. And the firm says it’s possible that the stock could hit $600 per share.

Meanwhile, Bank of America also increased its target for NVDA stock from $500 to $550 per share.

Only 10% of cloud computing servers are using chips that can be used for AI projects. This means that data centers around the world are lining up to buy AI chips.

Right now, NVIDIA is the main beneficiary – with over a 75% market share for AI chips.

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