Nvidia’s #1 Partner Revealed

Nvidia’s sales shot up 262% in the first 3-month of this year.

And it’s possible thanks to a much less well-known partner in Taiwan.

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Nvidia is known as a “fabless” semiconductor company. That means they don’t actually MAKE the chips.

Nvidia engineers design its semiconductor chips in California. Those designs are then shipped to Taiwan where the chips are manufactured.

Taiwan makes 90% of advanced chips in the world. And Taiwan Semiconductor (NYSE: TSM) is the biggest player.

Nvidia’s manufacturing partner is TSM – producing 100% of Nvidia’s advanced chips.

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TSM is reaping the rewards of the AI boom.

Sales and earnings are expected to jump +20% in 2024 and again in 2025.

Shares of TSM have jumped 53% in the last year. However, that’s far behind Nvidia which is up 190% in the year.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang was in Taiwan this weekend for the Computex show.

Huang is extremely optimistic on Nvidia’s partnerships in Taiwan. He envisions a future with “digital humans.”

“This is a very exciting time for Taiwan… We are at the beginning of a new age of computing, the age of AI, and Taiwan is at the center.”

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