25% Unemployment in This Great City

After six weeks of nearly 100% nationwide shutdown… Some states are starting to lift restrictions and allow “low risk” businesses to re-open. Few cities have been harder hit than… Read more

Apple’s New 2020 iPhones

Apple is delaying the iPhone launch of the new 2020 models. The Wall Street Journal reports that the new iPhones will be delayed by approximately one month. The delays… Read more

Outbreak Steals 26 Million Jobs

Another 4.4 million Americans filed for unemployment last week. That brings the total to 26 million new claims in the last five weeks. Some observers viewed this week’s report… Read more

5G Live in 90 New Cities . . . Is Yours on The List?

This week, AT&T (NYSE: T) launched 5G service in 90 new cities. It’s the latest move by America’s No. 2 wireless company to increase capacity. Internet usage has surged… Read more

14% of New Yorkers Infected

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says 13.9% of New York state residents have been infected with Covid-19. The state has tested 3,000 individuals at grocery stores and shopping centers…. Read more

$484 Billion to Save American Businesses

$484 billion: The latest economic stimulus bill just passed in the Senate. And it’s heading for a vote in the House of Representatives. Small businesses will reap the biggest… Read more

CDC Warning: Prepare for Second Wave

The head of the Centers for  Disease Control and Prevention is issuing a warning: Prepare for a second wave of the coronavirus outbreak this winter. “There’s a possibility that… Read more

Apple 5G iPhone Coming in 2020

The global pandemic won’t stop the new iPhone. Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) still plans to release a 5G iPhone, according to one well-regarded  investment analyst. The iPhone release is expected… Read more

Oil Prices Below Zero – What It Means for America

“CLOSEOUT SALE: Free Crude Oil Available for 24 Hours” Could you ever imagine your local gas station posting that sign? Yesterday, the price of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) Crude… Read more

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