Inside the New 5G Smart Factory

5g wireless

5G promises to deliver 10 times faster wireless connections. Yet the world is just starting to realize the huge impact of faster 5G wireless connectivity . . . and how this change will create trillions of dollars in economic output.

One example of this is the new 5G Smart Factory.

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Imagine the factory of the future . . .

The production equipment is connected via superfast 5G wireless. That means it reacts immediately to customer orders – producing exactly what is needed at the right time.

These new 5G smart factories let manufacturers run more efficiently. And they do this by reducing human labor and eliminating production downtime.

Everyone knows that 5G technology provides faster 5G wireless. Yet few people realize that the fifth-generation network also allows for lower latency. And that means information travels more quickly between devices.

One telecom company named Ericsson is leading the way with its new 5G Smart Factory. And the company is pushing other manufacturers to upgrade to smart factories using its 5G wireless technology.

One research firm says that smart factories could add $1.5 trillion to $2.2 trillion to the global economy.

5G is considered an enabling technology.

By itself, 5G can’t make a factory more efficient. However, the faster 5G wireless allows other technologies to become more intertwined and work together.

For example, a smart factory depends upon automation, cloud computing, data management and analytics.

All of these technologies must work together. In the past, this has depended upon wired ethernet and slower 4G connections. And that’s limited the ability to create smarter manufacturing.

2020 is the year when 5G is expected to go mainstream in the U.S.

The big three wireless carriers are expected to spend $100 billion upgrading their wireless networks. And the goal is to get most major American cities up and running on faster 5G wireless by the end of the year.

Most Americans will benefit with faster downloads and better video streaming on Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) or Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) Prime.

However, one overlooked aspect of the 5G boom is manufacturing in America.

It’s just another reason that I’m extremely bullish on 5G stocks for 2020.

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