Elon Musk says Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) will unveil its Robotaxi on August 8.

This news comes after Tesla has been rolling out it’s AI-powered self-driving system known as FSD v12.

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Tesla has been working to develop a new low-cost EV.

The Model 2 is expected to launch in 2025. And it’s anticipated to cost less than $25,000.

Tesla has also been developing a self-driving Robotaxi. The EV would have no steering wheel or peddles.

This is what the Robotaxi could look like…

Tesla is unveiling its new 'robotaxi' on August 8 | Electrek

Tesla’s full self-driving is a major breakthrough.

Elon has long envisioned a fleet of +1 million self-driving Tesla’s.

The launch of a new Robotaxi could be transformative for the company – and the story around Tesla stock.

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