Taylor Swift’s Shocking Investment Secret, EXPOSED!

What do Warren Buffett and Taylor Swift have in common?

Probably nothing – except for the fact they both invest in Shadow Funds…

… a little-known type of fund that has quietly been making a few sharp investors much wealthier when there’s uncertainty in the market, with MONTHLY yields of 10%… 15%… and even 20%.

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Taylor Swift is a pop superstar worth $570 million.

But while she’s known for her pop hits, she’s quite savvy with her money too.

Not long ago…

She was one of the few celebrities who REJECTED a $100 million sponsorship deal with FTX: the crypto exchange that went bust.

She did so after asking the company if it they were selling unregistered securities.

Her financial savviness might come from her father Scott Swift…

… a man who used to work for Merrill Lynch.

But it seems that her savviness has also led her to investing in a little-known fund that some of the most well-known investors—people like Bill Ackman, Carl Icahn and Warren Buffett—use to grow their income and wealth in uneasy times.

But here’s the crazy thing.

91% of investors are completely unaware of them.

And even fewer understand the advantages versus other investments.

For example, most dividend stocks pay dividends quarterly.

But these Shadow Funds typically pay income monthly.

And it’s not uncommon to get paid 10%… 15%… or even 20%.

That makes it easy to plan ahead and use the cash to pay the bills.

Or you can take the cash flow to re-invest.

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