Tech Breakthrough Will Change World

Bill Gates just said…

That this revolutionary tech breakthrough will “change our world.”

It has received the backing of Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, and other tech insiders…

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Bill Gates kickstarted the home computer revolution 50 years ago.

And after seeing the staggering success of ChatGPT, he’s now saying that ChatGPT and A.I. “will change the world.”

In his own words:

“We find ourselves with a tool that can make even white collar type jobs far more efficient—looking at invoices, medical claims, or, you know, writing letters. Reading and writing are now within A.I.’s capabilities and that will have a very broad impact.”

Adding that…

“Think of the time that doctors spend with paperwork; that we should be able to get rid of. Think of doctors who don’t know the latest article that maybe they should be aware of; that we can help with.” 

He admitted to being “biased” in favor of A.I.

After all, he continues to do consulting work for Microsoft…

And the tech giant just announced a $10 billion investment in OpenAI last month: the startup behind ChatGPT.

The deal values OpenAI at $29 billion – making it worth more than eBay, Best Buy, Delta, Spotify and Kellogg.

Microsoft will get paid back 75% of its investment from OpenAI profits. And it will ultimately own 49% of OpenAI.

The other 49% will be owned by other investors.

Plus, OpenAI’s non-profit organization will retain a 2% equity stake.

Microsoft appears to be placing big bets on artificial intelligence.

And its $10 billion investment in OpenAI is just the start.

This major investment is sparking a wave of new investments in artificial intelligence.

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Artificial intelligence is the biggest tech transformation in a decade.

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