Tesla Kills Apple iCar

The Apple iCar is DEAD.

Apple sent an internal memo to 2,000 employees in its “Special Projects Group.”

Apple will stop development of the iCar – also known as Project Titan.

This confirms Tesla’s EV dominance. And paves the way for AI self-driving cars.

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Apple ditches 'Project Titan' electric car: report

These people spent 10 years working on a self-driving car.

In January Bloomberg reported…

Apple was delaying the iCar launch until 2028.

The car was expected to hit the market with a cost of $100,000.

Apple struggled creating a self-driving EV.

Meanwhile, consumer demand for EVs has been falling.

Apple realized it would be hard to launch a 6-figure car in this environment.

So, the company is redeploying these employees to work on generative Artificial Intelligence.

There are two important take aways…

1. Apple is finally focusing on Artificial Intelligence.

The company has been slow and quiet with AI.

Apple is now focusing its people and money on AI. This paves the way for AI in Apple products later this year.

2. The move confirms Tesla’s EV leadership.

The Apple iCar already exists.

It’s called Tesla.

Apple was wasting billions trying to create a Tesla competitor. Yet Elon Musk & Co. are 10 years ahead of Apple.

This news shows that Tesla is the #1 leader in EVs and self-driving cars.

Apple stock was down slightly on the news. Tesla stock gained 2% and was trading above $200.

Apple couldn’t build a self-driving car.

Yet Tesla is already rolling out autonomous EVs. It’s all part of…

Elon Musk’s Secret Master Plan 3.0: The DoJo AI Initiative.

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