The Social Security Lie of 2023

A few weeks ago…

Janet Yellen said that Social Security and Medicare are “two bedrock programs that older Americans rely upon their retirement security” – and that the Biden Admin is committed to ensuring their long-term viability.

But if that’s the case, why didn’t Biden address the looming SS insolvency in his fiscal 2024 budget?

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Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen leads the SS and Medicare trustees.

And in a new statement…

She emphasized the need to bolster both the Medicare and Social Security funds.

In his fiscal 2024 budget proposal, Joe Biden proposed raising Medicare taxes from 3.8% to 5% on annual income above $400k.

He also suggested closing a loophole used by business owners and higher earners to shield some of their income from additional taxes.

But the proposals are unlikely to garner support in Congress.

Meanwhile, there’s absolutely NO plan to restore Social Security’s (SS) trust funds, which are on a path of being depleted by 2032.

This is frankly beyond me.

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