The White House’s Shocking Zuckerberg Blow

A White House official just said…

Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t invited to the White House’s AI meeting because it was focused on “companies currently leading the space.”

Which must’ve hurt considering Meta (NASDAQ: META) is making a sharp shift from metaverse to now going “all in” on Artificial Intelligence.

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Last week…

The Biden administration met with the CEOs of Google, Microsoft, OpenAI and Anthropic to discuss AI.

These are the companies they consider at the “forefront of AI innovation.”

And when a reporter asked why Meta wasn’t invited…

A White House official responded by saying that it’s not one of the companies “leading the space.”

This comes after the tech titan announced that its main investment focus will now be AI.

In Zuckerberg’s own words:

“Our single investment is in advancing AI and integrating it into all of our products.”

In fact…

Back in February, they introduced LLaMA, a large language model like ChatGPT.

And Zuckerberg has reportedly become so invested in AI that some analysts have expressed concern about how much the company is spending on the technology, according to Business Insider.

The tech landscape has changed dramatically since the AI boom began in November last year when ChatGPT was released.

This has created a new AI arms race among tech companies…

Which has basically forced Meta’s sharp shift to integrate AI into their strategy.

And they’re far from the only company doing so.

Apart from tech giants, other unexpected names like Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO), Keurig Dr. Pepper’s Snapple (NASDAQ: KDP) or Chipotle (NYSE: CMG) have a new AI strategy too.

ChatGPT has sparked a massive AI profit wave…

… sending some stocks as high as 79% and even 99% in just a few months.

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Because we are in the early stages of an AI tsunami.

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