Another day…

Another industry disrupted by Elon Musk.

SpaceX and T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) just announced that they will be launching a direct-to-phone connection with Starlink Gen 2 satellites.

The two companies made the announcement at a joint event.

And Elon Musk confirmed on Twitter that this same connection will allow direct connections with Tesla vehicles.

SpaceX will use a portion of T-Mobile’s existing 5G spectrum—the “mid-band PCS”—to allow updated Starlink satellites to connect directly to cellphones.

And while the connection will only be 2-4 megabits per cell area…

It will be enough to allow T-Mobile customers to send text messages or make calls.

Now, it will be some time until phones and Tesla cars have this capability…

So while this is certainly a gamechanger…

A bigger one in my view will be Elon Musk’s NEW plans for TOTAL global domination.

Elon Musk Reveals Secret Master Plan

Tesla’s founder is just days away from revealing his CONFIDENTIAL Master Plan 3.0. You could’ve earned 1,766% – 24,017% profits investing after he released Master Plan Part 1 & 2. Now it’s time for you to BUY these 5 stocks – before Elon reveals everything. Click here for details.

Which will be revealed in just days.

Why does this interest me way more?


Every single time Musk has released a Master Plan in the past, the profit opportunities were enormous to say the least.

I’m talking about the chance to make between 1,766% and 24,017% gains.

What’s also interesting is that he was extremely accurate in predicting the future of the world…

So it wouldn’t surprise me the slightest if he was on point again with his new Master Plan.

That’s why I’ve gone to great lengths to read and listen everything Musk has said this year.

Because I wanted to see what Musk’s new Master Plan will be…

Do so BEFORE it’s public and all over the news…

And share the hidden profit opportunities that could make investors +1,000% gains.

Yours in Wealth,
Ian Wyatt

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