This Presidential Election = Bullish for Stocks

During the past 96-years there have been 24 Presidential elections.

Here’s how the S&P performs during an election year…

  • 5.1% average gains (before dividends)
  • 74% winning years

You can see that most of the gains happen between July and December.

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Here’s what’s really interesting…

Stocks perform better when it’s the 4th year of a new President.

Here you can see that the market ALWAYS goes up. And the gains average 12.2%.

It really doesn’t matter if you prefer Biden or Trump.

Historically, stocks do well when it’s the final year of a President’s 1st term.

The S&P 500 is already up 8.7% YTD.

Yet the biggest gains typically happen later in the year.

It’s reasonable to think that 5,500 is within reach for the S&P later this year.

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