Yes, This Car Actually Drives Itself

Tesla is rolling out full self-driving version 12.

It’s the new Artificial Intelligence self-driving model. And it actually works.

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Let’s check out what Tesla owners are saying.

“Another full day of driving from Porter TX to downtown… 60 miles / 80 minutes,” says JC.

A Tesla owner in Los Angeles says FSD v12.3 can handle dangerous left turns in heavy traffic.

And another driver explains that…

“FSD is better than average human driver in many ways.”

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Construction zones have been difficult for previous versions of full self-driving.

However, FSD v12 seems to have figured out these types of situations.

“V12 has brought big improvements to handling construction compared to older versions.”

You’ve probably heard the media lies about full-self driving.

They hate Elon Musk. They hate Tesla. And they’re rooting for failure.

Yet real people are now experiencing this AI breakthrough.

This is Tesla’s ChatGPT moment.

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