Yet ANOTHER Hit Piece on Musk

Another day… another hit piece on Elon Musk on mainstream media.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) just published an article criticizing Tesla’s (NASDAQ: TSLA) Autopilot feature – instead of showing the actual data of how much safer it is than other cars.

Meanwhile, they ignored Musk’s new AI breakthrough…

And how it could make self-driving cars a reality very soon.

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It seems like the WSJ has a hit piece on Elon Musk almost every day.

For example, one of the latest ones is an article called:

“Tesla’s Engineers Are Less Boastful About Autopilot Than Elon Musk.”

It talks about how some lawsuits claim Tesla’s “deceptive marketing of Autopilot feature” – and how in some cases it has put people in danger.

It could’ve showed the actual data of how much safer Tesla with Autopilot is…

But I guess that wasn’t the purpose of the article.

As one WSJ subscriber said in the comment section:

“I’m over 65, so I’ve participated in rollout of every tech breakthrough in the past 50 years. I’ve used FSD [Full Self Driving system] for almost 2 years and Autopilot for three years, and they are now far safer for use in driving every type of road than I am on my own. I think FSD is the Third Wave of Personal Technology, after the Personal Computer and the iPhone. FSD isn’t perfect and I disengage it periodically, but it’s improved by leaps and bounds. This article unfairly omits data on the actual safety of FSD & Autopilot over millions of miles, data that Tesla collects daily.”

And he’s right.

Tesla recently released data showing that the current Full Self Driving system is currently much safer than the typical car.

Tesla’s Vehicle Safety Report shows that its current Autopilot is extremely safe, as you can see below.

Teslas using Autopilot experience an accident every 5 million miles.

And Teslas that are NOT using Autopilot have an accident every 1.4 million miles.

Meanwhile, the U.S. government reports that the typical car experiences an accident every 652,000 miles on average.

In other words…

Tesla with Autopilot is currently 87% safer than the average car on the road.

Another study report on March 1 showed that during the last 12-months…

The Full-Self-Driving Beta program saw 1 airbag-deployed crash every 3.2 million miles driven (compared with an accident every 600,000 miles for the typical car).

This means that a self-driving Tesla is 5x less likely to be in a serious accident.

So, despite of the headlines that the mainstream media likes to show criticizing Tesla and Elon Musk…

… the actual truth is that the company’s self-driving initiative is already avoiding accidents and saving lives.

Not only that.

Thanks to a new AI breakthrough called the DoJo Initiative…

Elon Musk could be on the brink of revolutionizing the EV race AGAIN.

That’s because it could make self-driving cars a reality within 90 days.

I know that Elon Musk has repeatedly promised self-driving cars – and failed to deliver countless times.

But thanks to this new AI breakthrough, this time could actually be different.

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