Your Investment Portfolio Is Broken. ‘Liberty Checks’ Are the Fix

I would bet pennies to dollars that your investment portfolio  generates too little income.investment portfolio
I offer one-sided odds because I’m sure I would win.
Get 10X more income and increase your odds of winning.
Why am I so sure?
We regularly survey our many readers on income. We ask them how much income their investments generate. We then ask them how much income they would like their investments to generate.
The answers are as distant as London from Melbourne.
The most recurrent answer among those surveyed is “$100 or less” in monthly income. (I suspect the actual dollar amount slants more toward “less” than to “100.”)
As for what they would like their investment portfolio to generate in monthly income, the supermajority answer “$1,000 or more.”
The investors surveyed want their portfolios to generate $1,000 (or more) in monthly income. They receive $100 (or less) in monthly income.
I’m sure that you appreciate the conundrum: Income results and income goals fail to align. Many investment portfolios are, in short, broken.
The good news, we have the fix.
Liberty checks align income results with income goals. Liberty checks fix broken investment portfolios.
We offer proof.
We’ve alerted investors to 52 liberty-check payments since mid-2016. The average liberty check has been $1,169. This average liberty check hasn’t been paid every month. It has been paid every 20 days on average.
We are speaking of averages, which means every liberty check isn’t for $1,169. Some liberty checks have been for less.
But many liberty checks have been for more . . . much more.
We have alerted investors to opportunities to collect liberty checks of $2,401 and $2,820. We even alerted investors to the opportunity to collect a Paul-Bunyan-sized $4,112 liberty check in 2017.
We alerted investors to the opportunity to collect a $2,051 liberty check to start 2019.
Many of these same investors have acted over the past week to claim a $1,407 liberty check, which we expect to be declared within days.
Now, to address the obvious: What are liberty checks?
They’re one-time payments companies make to their “liberty voucher” holders.
Buy the company’s liberty vouchers, collect a large one-time liberty check.
Buying liberty vouchers is easy enough. These are no velvet-rope investments. Anyone can buy a liberty voucher to claim a liberty check. Liberty vouchers easily fit within most investment budgets.
You have the opportunity to buy liberty vouchers to collect the next liberty check – an expected $1,407 liberty check.
You’ll also have the opportunity to collect additional liberty checks when they’re declared.
Many investors collected $19,281 (and more) in liberty checks in 2018 – a record year.
Investors could collect even more in 2019.
We’ve alerted investors to six liberty-check opportunities so far in 2019. That’s one liberty-check opportunity every 18 days on average.
Investors could have bought liberty vouchers to claim liberty checks totaling $7,142 so far this year.
You have a broken income portfolio. You can fix it with liberty checks.
Add your name to our list so that you can collect your first high-yield liberty check – a $1,407 check. You’ll also have the opportunity to collect all subsequent liberty checks when they’re declared.
The opportunity to collect a new liberty check arises every 20 days on average.
But that’s the average.
The opportunity to collect the next liberty check could arise within the next week . . . or within the next day.

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