How Investors Collected $180.1 Million in “Liberty Checks” This Month

August has been a busy, happy month for many income investors.
Those properly prepared collected two rounds of “liberty checks.” The first round was paid on August 20. The second round was paid today.
The first round of “liberty checks” was paid by a small-cap property and casualty insurer. The second round was paid by a digital media company experiencing turbo-charged growth.
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Together, both companies paid $180.1 million in “liberty checks.” Coincidentally, each company paid $3.00 in “liberty checks.” for each “liberty voucher” owned.
The “liberty voucher” was key. To collect a “liberty check,” investors needed to own the companies’ “liberty voucher.”
The number of “liberty vouchers” owned determined the amount of “liberty checks” collected. The amounts paid to some investors were impressive.
The CEO of the insurance company collected $180,243 in “liberty checks.”
When the amounts weren’t impressive, they were staggering.
The CEO of the digital media company received $48.8 million in “liberty checks.” To belabor the obvious, the CEO owns a lot of his company’s “liberty vouchers.”
Outsiders profited similarly on more modest “liberty-voucher” ownership.
We have an account of one investor pocketing $12,036 in “liberty checks.” We know of another investor who pocketed $10,947.
We have been regaled with many accounts of investors collecting “liberty checks” that fell within a $900-to-$2,500 range.
We also know of investors who received more than “liberty checks” from their “liberty-voucher” investment. They received additional return booking capital gains.
Indeed, investors who owned the “liberty vouchers” of the digital media company collected $3.00 of “liberty checks” for each “liberty voucher” owned. Many also sold their “liberty vouchers” to book $4.25 of additional return for each “liberty voucher” owned.
Incredibly, these investors were able to buy, collect, sell, and profit with one “liberty voucher” within the past 30 days.
Knowledge is key. If you know the right “liberty vouchers” to buy, you can collect immediate income up to 20X the income offered by the average S&P 500 company. You can then trade your “liberty voucher” for additional return.
We know from experience. We’ve recommended 36 “liberty vouchers” over the past 27 months.
We recommended an aerospace-parts company that paid $22” in “liberty checks” for each “liberty voucher” owned. Another recommendation, a metallurgical coal company, paid $11.21 in “liberty checks” for each “liberty voucher” owned.
The coal company’s “liberty check” generated a staggering 41.2% yield on investment.
In both instances, investors received high-yield income on their “liberty-voucher” investment. They also received additional return trading their “liberty vouchers” for a profit.
More high-yield opportunities are forthcoming. Changes in tax laws instigated by President Trump assure it. We expect to see a surge in “liberty checks” and “liberty-voucher” trades over the final four months of 2018.
You’ll want to be prepared to exploit the upcoming opportunities. Now is the time to ensure that you’re prepared.
Knowledge is power.
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