It’s Like Social Security – on Steroids

Let’s face it . . .retirement stinks for most Americans – when it comes to security
Except for those who’ve discovered the secret of Liberty Checks.
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Today, the typical retired American depends upon Social Security . . . and pulls in $1,461 every month.
Back in 1935 . . .
Social Security was created. And the system was designed to replace 90% of income for working Americans during retirement.
Unfortunately, the program hasn’t kept pace with inflation. Meanwhile, increasing life expectancy makes it impossible for Social Security to actually cover living expenses.
Retired Americans need something else (go here for the #1 IRS-approved solution).
The #1 Problem for Retired Americans (and Their Kids)
It’s simple fourth-grade math.
AARP reports that the average Social Security Check is $1,461 per month. And that works out to $2,922 for a married couple.
Unfortunately, the typical retired couple has monthly living expenses of $3,800.
+ $2,922 Income
– $3,800 Living Expenses
= $878 Monthly Shortfall
That’s right.
If you’re like most Americans, you’ll need an extra $878 in monthly income beyond Social Security to cover living expenses in retirement.
Perhaps you have a generous pension. Or you’ve set aside considerable savings in a 401(k) retirement account.
Yet if you’re like most folks – you’re probably searching for an extra safe income stream.
Fortunately, IRS-approved Liberty Checks could be the perfect solution.
President Trump enacted landmark tax reform in 2017. And that’s paved the way for record Liberty Check payouts including:

  • 2017: $17,760
  • 2018: $19,280
  • 2019: $19,530

It’s now 2020.
And I’ve just uncovered the biggest Liberty Check – EVER.
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