“There’s a $6,528 CASH DEPOSIT in our account”

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 On April 20th, my wife interrupted me at the office with a call…
“I think there’s been a mistake.
 There’s a $6,528 CASH DEPOSIT in our account today.”
 I logged into my online brokerage account. And there it was…
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Now, this is what the payment looked like on our account statement…
So, it’s understandable that she was a little surprised.

Now, I’d actually totally forgotten about this payment.
Nine-days earlier, I’d claimed a Liberty Voucher… and on April 20th that voucher handed me a huge cash payment.
Here’s the thing…
Thanks to Section 965 of President Trump’s tax bill…
These payments happen all the time.
In fact, regular folks have a chance to claim these Liberty Vouchers every 22 days.
On Aug. 29, I collected another payment.
This one was smaller – for just $1,140. Here’s what that one looked like.

Plus, I earned this payment in just 16 days… with about 5 minutes of “work” from my home office.
With just two Liberty Vouchers…
I was able to collect $7,668.60 – with less than 10 minutes of “work.” Now, I don’t know about you… but that’s real money.
You’ve probably never heard about these Liberty Vouchers.
They’ve been around for decades…
But have grown more popular thanks to the Trump’s Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017.
There’s going to be a rush of record payments before Jan. 1.
That’s in just 112 days.
Basically, America’s biggest and safest companies will be rushing to make major payouts.
Of course, they’re going to pay the company insiders… and employees… But they’ll also be paying folks who claim these Liberty Vouchers.
Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of these vouchers.
Honestly, 97% of investors have no clue…
Until a couple years ago, I was in the dark too…
Until Steve Mauzy brought this amazing income situation to my attention.
Today, he’s ready to share everything with you.
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Yours in Profits,
Ian Wyatt

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