Charlie Munger’s Secret Dividend

Charlie Munger revealed…

That he rakes in $70k/year in income from a $1k investment he made in 1962.

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During Berkshire Hathaway’s last annual shareholder meeting…

Munger disclosed the initial cost of an oil investment he made and its yield today.

It all started when he met a businessman named Al Marshall six decades ago.

Marshall outlined his plan to bid in a local oil royalty auction.

“You’re doing it all wrong,” Munger replied…

And Marshall enlisted Munger to join his bid and deal with the legal and financial stuff.

Fast forward to today…

And Munger is receiving $70k+ a year in royalties on that investment.

It’s safe to say he turned that $1k into a FORTUNE.

But it was still a risky investment. 

Lots of people invest in oil exploration companies and earn steady cash flow – IF the company finds oil.

And a lot more people invest in companies that don’t find oil and lose their entire investment.

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