My TOP Income Trade for 2023

I have an income trade for you.

One that could help you earn $4,501 in instant income starting today.

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This income opportunity is from a strategy we’ve been using for the past 5+ years…

Which gives any investor the chance to earn roughly an extra $1,120 every 20 days – straight from America’s best and most profitable stocks.

As a result, it gives you the power to collect 1-day payouts such as…

  • $744 from an insurance company
  • $1,350 from a paper manufacturer
  • $1,226 from a mobile internet company
  • $1,659 from retail clothing brand
  • $2,336 from a transportation and logistics company

And while these income amounts are based on a $10k investment…

You can get started with as little as $100 or $1,000.

But if for ANY reason this income strategy isn’t for you…

I’m also sharing two lesser-known income strategies more that could increase your passive income 10X almost immediately.

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Because you’ll discover how to use Shadow Funds to buy stocks, bonds, or real estate at a HUGE discount.

Many of these funds are paying out 10% – with monthly checks.

And Shadow Funds with the highest yields are paying out as much as 21%, 29%, 34% and even 67%.

These yields are much bigger than you’d get from your typical ETF.

In fact, if you put $10k into one of the typical ETFs…

You’d be pulling in between $70 and $560 over the next year.

Yet with Shadow Funds that same investment could be paying you $2,100 $2,900, $3,400 or even $6,700!

Plus, the capital gains from these funds can also be huge.

You’ll also discover how you could pull in huge income from what I call “Off Wall Street Cash Cows.”

These investments are NOT connected to stocks, bonds, or funds.

They’ll give you a chance to earn sizable cash payments regardless of what’s happening in the stock market.

You’ll discover how it’s possible to collect…

  • 6.9% guaranteed income with a CPI Savings Account
  • A minimum 7% income from your home for the next 30 years
  • 20% cash flow investing in Kansas cattle
  • Earn cash flow and up to 30% returns with American farmland
  • Build a cash-flowing portfolio of real estate that pays you 20.2% 21.5%… and even 22.3% income every month


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