NEW – Student Loan Forgiveness Update

The Biden Administration just released…

A new updated beta version of their Student Loan Forgiveness plan.

Meanwhile, crickets about restoring Social Security trust funds – despite being on a path of being depleted in less than 10 years.

This could lead to a 25% cut in Social Security payments soon…

… which is one reason why I’m sharing this new income blueprint.

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This week…

The Education Department released a beta version of their so-called SAVE plan.

A plan that’s a slap in the face to taxpayers and those who have actually paid their loans.

It comes after the Supreme Court overturned loan forgiveness…

… and the plan’s goal is to lower monthly payments, provide faster forgiveness, and prevent balances from growing due to unpaid interest.

But if you ask me, it also has another goal: To buy votes!

This so-called SAVE plan replaces the Revised Pay As You Earn Repayment Plan (REPAYE) – and it includes changes such as:

  • The most that borrowers must pay toward their undergraduate loans is 5% of their discretionary income, down from 10%.
  • No borrower making less than 225% of the federal poverty level will have to make a monthly payment.
  • Loan balances will be forgiven after 10 years of payments — instead of 20 years — if the original loan balance is $12,000 or less.
  • Borrowers won’t be charged with unpaid monthly interest, so balances won’t grow if they make their payments — even if the monthly payment is $0 because their income is low.

Frankly, this student loan forgiveness is immoral to say the least.

A cheap trick to buy votes with YOUR money.

Meanwhile, there’s no solution in sight for the Social Security’s trust fund problems.

Joe Biden’s fiscal year 2024 budget FAILED to address it…

And those who actually paid into the system could end up facing a CUT on their deserved SS checks.

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