The Student Loan Forgiveness Scandal

The Biden administration announced it will “begin notifying more than 804,000 borrowers that they have a total of $39 billion in Federal student loans that will be automatically discharged… Read more

Breaking the Mold: 5 Regular People Who Became Millionaire Investors

Five investors with no innate advantage: no insider information, no exceptional intellect, no extraordinary skills, no flamboyant personality, and no meaningful inheritance. Read more

This Must Be a Joke

Yahoo Finance recently published an article declaring that “Americans haven’t felt this good about the economy in two years.” Meanwhile, workers are raiding their retirement… Read more

Media Can Spin This Any Way They Want…

The latest consumer price index (CPI) report was released… and the mainstream media were quick to promote the cooling-inflation narrative, even though it’s still rising and… Read more

New JP Morgan ETF With a Safe 10.9% Dividend

JP Morgan recently launched a new income ETF. It’s attracted $28 billion from investors. And it’s currently paying a healthy 10.9% yield – with monthly payments. Get the NAME… Read more

The New American Banking SEISMIC Shift

The forces that started the banking crisis and rocked the market in March are about to rock the market AGAIN – and this time they say it could produce… Read more

The Best Dividend Stocks to Buy Forever

It must pay dividends, distributions, interest, royalties, or rents. It has to pay something to me, and pay it on a schedule. Read more

Why Stocks May Crater 25%

According to a Wall Street analyst, stocks could crater 25% if the Fed carries on raising rates. Here’s why I couldn’t care less if he’s right or wrong. Read more

Deutsche Bank’s Top 2 Dividends Stocks

Deutsche Bank just recommended two high-yield dividend stocks it believes are the right buys in the current market. Here are their NAMES and TICKER symbols. Read more

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