This is Terrible News

It’s official. Gas prices are higher AGAIN – hitting Americans’ wallet very badly. That’s you might want to consider this simple income blueprint that could make you… Read more

How to 10X Your Return in 12 Months

While a traditional ETF typically tracks the underlying securities on a 1:1 ratio, a leveraged ETF will track with 2:1 or a 3:1 ratio. Read more

Fed Official Reveals GREAT News for Investors

Federal Reserve Governor Michelle Bowman says she expects to raise interest rates despite the reports on jobs and inflation. And this is great news for income investors because… Read more

The 2 Investment Rules I Never Violate

Simplicity frequently leads to the best outcome. Find the simplest rules that work time and again, and keep working those rules time and again. Read more

Carl Icahn Cuts Fake Dividend – 3 Important Lessons

Carl Icahn says his company is cutting its dividend by 50%. Cutting dividends is terrible news for shareholders. And shares of IEP crashed 23% on Friday as a result. Read more

NEW – Student Loan Forgiveness Update

The Biden administration just announced student loan borrowers can now apply for their new Student Loan Forgiveness plan. Meanwhile, crickets about restoring SS funds. Read more

2023 Profit

My Top 5 Dividend Stocks to Buy Now

Just open this email to get my top 5 stocks for huge income. Inside you’ll discover WHY I love these stocks and rate them a BUY NOW. Read more

Overnight Money

Can Interest On A $2M Portfolio Allow You To Retire?

Today I read an article that suggested investors with a $2 million portfolio consider buying a CD or a Treasury bill that yield less than 2%. Read more

Top 10 Energy Stocks: Collect up to 26% Dividends

Energy stocks have been HATED for years. And because woke ESG investors hate these stocks – you and I can collect huge dividends. Here are the top 10 highest… Read more

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