Will People “Bud Light” This Company Now?

Just as the holiday season kicks off…

Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) just announced yet ANOTHER price hike.

It’s yet another of the countless price hikes we’re seeing across the board.

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Early this month…

Netflix sent out an email informing its subscribers about the price hike.

The email said the price increase will allow the company “to deliver even more value for your membership.”

But I don’t think a lot of Netflix’s customers feel the same way about that “value.”

Netflix has less and less content that doesn’t appeal to many Americans.

And as they raise their prices, people could “Bud Light” them, speaking with their wallets and CANCELING their subscriptions.

Plus, between inflation and the cost-of-living increase that we have…

The last thing we need is yet ANOTHER price hike.

What we need is effective ways to combat inflation.

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Netflix is not the only streaming service that’s hiking its price.

Competitors like Warner, Disney, Hulu, and ESPN have done so too.

But if all these streaming companies choose to go the route of cable TV…

Their customers could dump them for good.

Americans are already struggling to cover the basic costs of living.

And instead of price hikes, what people need is strategies to CRUSH inflation.

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