This is Getting WORSE By the Day

It’s official: Credit card debt just hit a NEW record.

Americans are increasingly turning to their credit cards to cover everyday expenses.

But they could solve this problem by implementing these 37 income secrets.

According to a New York Federal Reserve report…

Total credit card debt surged to $1.08 trillion between July and September.

That’s a 4.6% increase from the previous quarter.

It’s the highest level on record in Fed data dating back to 2003 – and the eight consecutive annual increase.

And while it’s true that some people have built up debt by buying things they can’t afford… what is also true is that inflation has gone through the roof.

The struggle to pay the bills is VERY real for a lot of folks.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

There are simple and safe ways any American could make an extra $5k per month.

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Consider for example Supercharged Payouts.

This is a little-know income strategy we’ve been using for 7 straight years… which delivers yields as high as 5% in just one day.

That 45% immediate yield could generate a $4,501 one-time payment.

That’s no fantasy, as you’ll discover in this passive income blueprint.

In fact, these payouts can be 5X… 10X… or even 20X the size of a regular quarterly dividend.

And they are usually related to an unanticipated event.

The event can be a strong earnings report…

A business reorganization…

A change in business fortunes…

A large legal settlement…

A change in tax law.

The company’s management will use these Supercharged Payouts as a signaling mechanism – and they can also foretell a pick-up in earnings growth.

This can stimulate investor interest.

Companies also pay them for other reasons.

For example, removing excess cash from the balance sheet.

An excess of any asset—including cash—is wasteful.

Cash is sterile, it generates little-to-no return.

So a Supercharged Payout is a way to remove excess cash and return it to its rightful owners: The shareholders.

The corporation benefits because it can maintain a higher return on invested capital.

And as an investor, you can benefit because these payouts generate you a big yield on your investment.

In fact, based on its results for the past 7 years…

You could earn an extra $1,120 every 20 days on average with them.

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Ian Wyatt

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