Pepsi’s New Price SCANDAL!

PepsiCo has reported profits in recent quarters after repeated price increases.

And now a supermarket chain says it will DITCH Pepsi from their shelves over their “unacceptable” price rises despite the cost-of-living crisis.

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French retail giant Carrefour says…

That shelves once stocked with PepsiCo drinks will now have a note that says:

“We are no longer selling this brand due to unacceptable price increases.”

PepsiCo has repeatedly raised prices of their products in recent years, claiming it was necessary to offset inflationary pressures.

But if they’re posting record profits as they have in recent quarters…

The price increases seem more like corporate greed.

It’s a shame when companies take advantage of the price increases that inflation creates for other products – and raise their price in a complementary manner.

But when that happens it’s NOT because it costs more to produce.

Instead, it’s an opportunity to fatten their coffers.

Now, of course, people are not being FORCED to buy Pepsi.

And if you don’t like the higher prices, you can simply choose not to buy.

But it’s nice to see a company pointing out the excessive price gouging.

After all, things are already dramatically expensive.

And the last thing people need is companies rising their prices more and more.

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