That’s Bidenomics in Action!

According to new inflation data – prices in September continued to cool.

But prices have risen an average of +17% since Biden took office – and they are still climbing.

As the president would say… ‘That’s Bidenomics in action!’

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The Fed’s preferred inflation metric came out on Friday.

And according to this report, inflation is cooling.

But here’s what Biden and the mainstream media won’t tell you.

When Biden took office, inflation was below the Fed’s 2% target, with prices rising 1.4% over the prior 12 months.

After a year and a half of massive Government spending and borrowing…

Annual inflation reached 9.1% – 6.5 times the rate Biden inherited.

Meanwhile, while Biden says that “inflation has come down”…

The latest inflation shows that prices ROSE.

Yes, inflation may not be as bad as the 40-year high inflation from last year…

But it’s still more than two and a half times the inflation rate from when Biden took office.

Inflation is the rate at which prices are RISING.

So low rates of inflation mean that prices are still going up.

In other words: Inflation coming down means prices are rising slower than before.

NOT that prices are coming down.

And these are prices that will never drop back down to previous levels.

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