This is BAD NEWS for Americans

Oil prices have rocketed in the wake of the Middle East conflict…

… with some analysts predicting it could hit $150 per barrel soon.

This will lead to an increase in prices that are already choking Americans.

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In the past 10 days…

Oil prices have been on an absolute roller-coaster.

The Israel/Palestine conflict has sent Brent topping $88 a barrel.

And some predictions suggest it is set to continue until $150.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden has drained the strategic petroleum reserves… which will give even MORE leverage to OPEC+ counties to take advantage of the conflict.

Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) said that the near-term risk to oil supply is limited because neither Israel nor its direct neighbors are large oil producers.

“But that could change in case the conflict were to extend to other countries in the region” – according to a new note on Monday.

If this scenario plays out…

Americans ALREADY facing high gas prices will AGAIN have to deal with a price surge.

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