This Must Be a Joke

“Americans haven’t felt this good about the economy in two years.”

That’s the title of a new article in Yahoo Finance.

Meanwhile, workers are raiding their retirement savings in record numbers… and more Americans are struggling to pay the rent.

Which side are you on? Perhaps both.

That’s one reason why I’m sharing this income blueprint for 2023.

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This past Friday…

Yahoo Finance reported that “a commonly followed measure of consumer confidence in the US economy just increased to the highest level since September 2021.”

Yahoo Finance says that we have plenty of reasons to be bullish::

  • A month of strong economic data,
  • Upbeat financial reports to kick off Q2 earnings,
  • Waning fears of new rate hikes (while market watchers expect Fed officials  to raise interest rates TWICE more this year)

But there was no mention how inflation is hurting many Americans…

How many of us are stressed about money…

Or the fact prices show no sign of retreating.

Many people are less optimistic about economy.

The inflation rate is falling, but prices remain high. 

That’s why I want you to maintain your purchasing power with this income blueprint.

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For example, Shadow Funds.

Shadow Funds are a type of fund most investors overlook that have quietly

made smart investors wealthier when uncertainty roiled the market.

Many Shadow Funds pay distributions that yield 10% or more – most pay monthly.

Some Shadow Funds are generating returns of 21%… 29%… 34%… and even 67%.

The yields are notably higher than those offered by the typical ETF.

If you allocate $10k to a typical ETFs…

You might be paid between $70 and $560 over the next year.

The same amount allocated to Shadow Funds could return $2,100 $2,900, $3,400 or even $6,700.

You’ll also discover how to earn superior income from “Off Wall Street Cash Cows.”

These investments have no connection to stocks, bonds, or funds.

And they offer you the opportunity to continually collect high-yield income regardless of the stock market’s conditition.

You’ll also discover how it’s possible to collect…

  • A minimum 7% income from your home for the next 30 years
  • 20% annual cash flow investing in Kansas cattle
  • Up to 30% annualized returns with American farmland
  • 20.2% 21.5%and even 22.3% annualized returns from commercial real


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