US Government Launches New 5G Auction Dec. 10

The Trump administration is rushing to launch new 5G access across America.5G spectrum
And that means opening up new “spectrum” to allow companies to expand this service in all 50 states.
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President Trump has declared . . .
“It’s all about 5G now. Secure 5G networks will absolutely be a vital link to America’s prosperity and national security.”
That’s why he pushed the Federal Communications Commission – also known simply as the FCC – to launch the 5G FAST Plan.
It’s an absolute race to the finish – with American companies pushing to roll out 5G access before the end of 2020.
Whether you use AT&T (NYSE: T), Sprint (NYSE: S) or Verizon (NYSE: VZ), you can expect to see 5G showing up within the next year.

These new wireless networks will be 100 times faster than your current 4G connection.
That means new technologies including self-driving cars, artificial intelligence and virtual reality will finally reach their full potential.
It’s these technologies that will spur economic growth in America – at a time when many economists are warning of a recession.
In fact, 5G is potentially one of the few growth opportunities that may help the U.S. avoid an imminent economic downturn.
One FCC mandate is to open up the spectrum for wireless communications.
Last year, the FCC held auctioned 2,965 licenses for $703 million.
And a second auction happened in May – with wireless companies paying over $2 billion for 5G spectrum.
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Now, the FCC is getting ready to launch its biggest 5G auction yet.
It’s hard to say just how big the auction will be. However, Germany telecoms just invested $7 billion to secure 5G spectrum. And that suggests that the upcoming U.S. auction could be huge.
So, why is this important?
It matters because this upcoming auction is the final step required to open the 5G floodgates.
WITHOUT this 5G spectrum – it will be impossible for the wireless carriers to deliver faster connectivity to Americans nationwide.
Frankly, this 5G spectrum bottleneck is one of the reasons that 5G is only available in the major U.S. cities.
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