Molson Coors: Cannabis Beer Is a $3 Billion Market

In just nine months, Canada opens up “Phase 2” of its new cannabis market.cannabis beer
This market expansion will open up legal cannabis to millions of people who refuse to smoke marijuana.
It’ll welcome in a wide variety of cannabis edibles and beverages – expanding the market overnight.
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Molson Coors Brewing Co. (NYSE: TAP) CEO Mark Hunter recently revealed his company’s plans for cannabis drinks.
He believes the Canadian cannabis market will quickly reach $7 billion to $10 billion Canadian in annual sales. And the beverage segment could command a 20% to 30% market share.
That means the potential market could be worth $3 billion per year! And that’s ONLY in Canada.
When you add in the U.S. market, you’re looking at a potential market worth more than $10 billion!
Molson Coors plans to be a major player.
That’s why the company is working with HEXO (OTC: HYYDF) to form a joint venture called Truss.
Together, the companies will work to develop beers infused with cannabis. The cannabis beer will be ready to hit the market in October 2019 – when Canada allows retail sales.
Molson Coors is “well placed to be ready to take a meaningful share of the segment,according to the CEO.
Big brewers like Molson want a piece of the action in cannabis beer – since regular beer sales aren’t growing.
However, it’s going to be the smaller, craft producers that really succeed in cannabis beer. That’s because cannabis consumers will likely prefer the independent beverage producers, instead of the drinks from big billion-dollar brands.
You can already see this in the world of microbrews and craft beers stealing market share from the likes of Molson Coors and Anheuser Busch.
This trend toward independent producers will be even more pronounced in the cannabis sector.
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Consider Molson Coors.
The company has annual sales of nearly $11 billion. Let’s say that optimistically, the company gains a 20% market share of the cannabis drink market in Canada.
That would generate around $450 million in annual sales.
What’s the impact to the company’s overall sales? That’s a 4% increase from the company’s existing sales base.
What will happen to Molson Coors shares if sales rise 4%?
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