President Trump ENDS China’s Cannabis Monopoly

Before the end of 2018 . . . President Trump is expected to sign the 2018 Farm Bill.
The bill legalizes hemp and paves the way for new CBD products in the 50 states . . .
. . . in an attempt to STOP China’s dominance in the hemp market.
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Today, China produces over 50% of the world’s cannabis supply. And that’s nearly entirely hemp containing CBD (NOT cannabis containing THC).
China has long understood that there’s a big difference between marijuana and hemp.
The key difference is that marijuana contains THC – which is the chemical that gives people a “high.” Meanwhile, hemp contains THC – which does NOT give a “high” and has many health and wellness benefits.
After 81 years of prohibition, the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives recognized that difference.
The legalization of hemp comes at a time when U.S. farmers have been hurt by Trump’s trade war with China. That’s because China has levied tariffs on U.S. imports including soybeans, corn and wheat.
The 2018 Farm Bill will legalize hemp and the hemp market – and allow American farmers to produce a new and potentially lucrative crop.
It’s a BIG WIN for American farmers.
Plus, it’s also going to fuel growth for American and Canadian cannabis companies. That’s because the farm bill opens the door for CBD products in all states.

U.S. Approves Hemp – Tilray Launches CBD . . .

One of North America’s most well-known cannabis stocks is jumping into the business.
Tilray (NASDAQ: TLRY) announced plans to sell new CBD medical and wellness products in Canada and the United States.
Starting in 2019, Tilray will use CBD from hemp cultivated and processed in both countries. Tilray’s key supplier of hemp is LiveWell Canada (CSE: LVWL).
The hemp market and market for CBD products is estimated to reach $1 billion in sales this year, according to the Hemp Business Journal.
Brightfield Group estimates that the market will surge to $22 billion by 2022!
The last 60 days have been a bloodbath for most cannabis stocks . . .
But I’m looking for a major turnaround in early 2019. The passage of the Farm Bill and expanding market in the U.S. and Europe will fuel a resurgence for cannabis stocks.
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