Legal Weed Takes Over Canada in 118 Days

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just announced the GO LIVE date . . .Canadian pot stocks
. . . For recreational marijuana sales in Canada.
Oct. 17.
That’s just 118 days from today.
In a press conference, the Prime Minister explained . . .
“One of the things that we heard very clearly from the provinces is that they need a certain amount of time to get their bricks and mortar stores — their online sales — ready. Producers need time to be able to actually prepare for a regimented and successful implementation…”
This week’s passage of Bill C-45 will end 95 years of cannabis prohibition in Canada.
This legislation approving legal weed in Canada has little impact on Americans. However, it’s the latest sign of an ever-expanding global market for marijuana.
Canada is poised to become the world’s first developed country to fully approve legal weed.
I’m expecting a big move for “pot stocks” in the coming weeks.
Here’s why . . .
Pot stocks surged up to 100% in the weeks leading up to legalization in California.
The same with is happening with Canada’s legalization.
In fact, it’s already getting started.
Since the start of June, the Horizons Marijuana ETF (TSE: HMMJ) is up 13.7%.
That’s a big move for an ETF that tracks the moves of nearly 30 U.S. and Canadian cannabis stocks.
And some individual stocks are posting even bigger gains.
Now’s the time to get onboard with Canadian cannabis.  Don’t wait – or you’ll miss out.
Keep your eyes peeled for the next issue of Marijuana Stock Trader. I’ll show you exactly what happened to stocks before California went LIVE with legal weed.
Yours in Profits,
Ian Wyatt
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