4 PM Deadline Today: Claim Your $2,906 Liberty Check Now

The amount is $11,381: Investors have claimed “liberty checks” amounting to $11,381 so far in 2019. liberty check
The amount rises to $14,287 for investors willing to claim the next liberty check – a $2,906 liberty check.
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Many investors have already claimed their liberty check.
The good news is that you still have time to claim your liberty check.
But time is a moving thing. It sprints toward a deadline.
You have only until 4 p.m. EDT TODAY (May 2) to claim your liberty check.
Once the clock ticks past 4 p.m. EDT (that’s Eastern time), the opportunity vanishes. Your opportunity to claim a $2,906 liberty check vanishes, as well.
So, what are these liberty checks? Why are they worth claiming?
Liberty checks are special payments made by companies on their “liberty vouchers.” Own a liberty voucher, claim a liberty check.
As for this upcoming liberty check, it will be paid by a mid-cap coal company. Business is booming. This coal company will pay liberty checks totaling $300 million to owners of its liberty vouchers.
Liberty checks are nothing new to this prospering coal company. This next round is actually the third round of liberty checks it will have paid over the past two years.
This particular coal company paid $600 million in liberty checks in late 2017. It paid $300 million in liberty checks in early 2018.
The upcoming liberty-check payments elevates the total to $1.2 billion.
Many investors will collect a liberty check of at least $2,906 with the next round. Some investors will collect even more.
Investors privy to all three of this coal company’s liberty-check payments have collected checks in excess of $10,000.  (Madeline W. is one. This 76-year-old grandmother has collected $14,623 in liberty checks from this coal company.)
Now, it’s your turn.
Purchasing this coal company’s liberty vouchers is easy enough. These are no velvet-rope investments. Anyone can buy a liberty voucher to claim a liberty check. It takes only seconds.
What’s more, you’ll have the opportunity to sell this coal company’s liberty vouchers for additional profit once you collect your liberty check.
But that dreaded deadline looms.
You have only until 4 p.m. EDT TODAY to claim your share of the windfall. At 4:01 p.m. EDT the deadline will have passed, and so will have your opportunity to claim your liberty check.
Act now.
Get your name one our list and you’ll be set to claim your first liberty check.
Better yet, you’ll be set to claim additional liberty checks when they’re declared.
We have shown investors how to claim 52 high-yield liberty checks since June 2016.
New liberty-check opportunities arise every 20 days on average.
These liberty checks have generated an average income yield six times the dividend yield on the S&P 500.
In some instances, liberty checks have paid income yields more than 20 times the dividend yield of the S&P 500.
A $4,000 liberty check or a $200 dividend check?
The question is rhetorical because the answer is obvious.
Don’t delay. The 4 p.m. deadline is near. Space on our list is limited.
Procrastination could cost you dearly. It could cost you 10 times more income today.
Get your name on our list to claim your first high-yield liberty check, and every high-yield liberty check thereafter.
Good Fortunes,
Stephen Mauzy
Downingtown, Penn.

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