How to Buy Your Lyft IPO Shares

Let’s face it…
The IPO process can be downright confusing. So, I’d like to take a few minutes to clear things up.
You’ll want to read this entire message today – BEFORE the historic $23 BILLION Lyft IPO.
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You’ve probably heard . . .
Lyft – the No. 2 ride-sharing company – is going public on March 29. That deal values the entire company at $29 billion.
Meanwhile, Uber could go public in April with a valuation of over $100 billion!
You already know that IPOs can be a great way to grow your wealth. And in order to maximize your gains, you must understand how these transactions work.
So, let’s dig in.
America’s best technology companies typically obtain financing from venture capital firms. The VCs typically invest millions – or even billions – of dollars of capital to help get these companies off the ground.
Now, many of these businesses fail. Meanwhile, a select few become very, very successful.
Eventually, these businesses become so mature that it’s time to go public.
Today, Airbnb, Lyft and Uber have all reached this critical point. Let’s use Lyft as our example – since it’s the next major player to go public.
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When these companies decide to go public, they hire an investment banker to facilitate the transaction. Lyft hired JPMorgan to take the company public.
JP Morgan then prepares the company for a public stock offering.
That means they prepare all the required paperwork, determine the value of company, and arrange for an investor roadshow. All of this is designed to present Lyft in the best possible light – in order to attract new investors.
After gauging investor interest, the investment bank will then determine the per share price of the IPO. This is the price at which investors will purchase newly created shares from the company.
Right now, Lyft has indicated a per share price of $62 to $68.
Strong interest during the company’s roadshow means the price will likely be at the high end of that range.
Typically, the final price is set the night before the stock goes public.
Lyft is targeting an IPO date of Friday, March 29. So, that means the Lyft shares  will be priced the previous night – on March 28.
The investment banks are the ones who determine WHO gets the IPO shares. With a hot tech stock IPO, there’s always great demand for the stock. That means most investors don’t get allocated stock (or they receive fewer shares than requested).
Now, the bank will typically allocate shares to preferred clients.
This typically includes institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals with seven-figure accounts. Of course, priority is also granted to high-powered individuals including CEOs, politicians and venture capitalists.
Unfortunately, this means regular investors are typically locked out. If you’re investing through an account at E*Trade or TD Ameritrade, it’s nearly impossible to secure IPO shares.
That means most folks must wait for Lyft shares to start trading on the NYSE or NASDAQ.
Because there’s great demand for new IPOs, typically investors will aggressively buy shares when it starts trading. And this can send the stock jumping higher during the initial trading session.
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Consider the Snap (NYSE: SNAP) IPO back in 2017. The IPO was priced at $17.
On the morning of the IPO, the stock didn’t start trading until 11:20 a.m. And the first trade happened at $24 – a full 41% above the IPO offering price.
That meant the lucky IPO investors were handed a huge one-day gain!
Unless you’re a wealthy client at JPMorgan, you won’t be able to secure Lyft IPO shares.
That’s why I want to reveal a secret backdoor for buying Lyft sharesBEFORE the company goes public.
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Yours in Profits,
Ian Wyatt

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